Dallas wedding lighting

Wedding Lighting at Hurst Conference Center near Fort Worth
Dallas and Fort Worth wedding lighting - Photo by Evan Godwin

Lighting for Dallas & Fort Worth weddings has become very popular over the last few years. Having provided decor lighting for weddings & other special events for more than 5 years, we have years of lighting design experience that we'll use to help bring to life the vision you have for your wedding. 

Some of the lighting options we offer includes: wireless uplighting, wireless pinspotting, digital monogram/name in lights projection, lighted cocktail tables, pattern/texture lighting, and much more!

If you would like a price quote for DJ services & lighting, please contact us today for a price quote.

Decor lighting options

Check out the pictures below to see some of the most popular lighting options we offer (click each picture for a larger view).

Dallas Wedding Uplighting

Uplighting (or sometimes called wall wash lighting) is very popular at Dallas wedding receptions. Over the last couple years, greater than 80% of our weddings choose to have us provide uplighting for their wedding. It is a great way to quickly change the look of your room and fill it with the color of your choice.


So how does it work? First, we meet you at your venue with our 100% wireless uplights.Then we take as much time as needed to create a color that matches your vision. 


The day of the wedding, we'll design your lighting to highlight architectural features or other elements of interest in your venue. In addition, because our lights are totally wireless, we can also control the lighting. Most of our couples choose to have us change the lighting once dancing starts to totally change the atmosphere.

Blush Pink uplighting at Four Seasons Dallas Wedding
Four Seasons Dallas-Irving Wedding Lighting - Photo by Jason Kindig

Here's a short slideshow featuring some of our lighting work (please be aware there is music playing during the slideshow, so you may want to turn the volume on your speakers down):

Pinspotting for Dallas Weddings

Pin spotting involves shining a small white spotlight on the top of your table center pieces. It really helps to highlight your centerpieces to make them stand out. The picture below was taken at a wedding at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth wedding lighting pinspotting
Floral Centerpiece pinspotting at Colonial Country Club

Monogram/Name In Lights

We will work with you to create a design to project just about anywhere in your venue. We are one of just a few companies in all of Dallas & Fort Worth offering digital monogram/image projection. That means the image is extremely crisp & clear so it looks great at your wedding.

Fort Worth wedding uplighting monogram at Colonial Country Club
Custom monogram projection at Colonial Country Club Fort Worth
Elegant and romantic uplighting and name in lights for Dallas Weddings
Dallas Monogram Lighting at Warwick Melrose Hotel Wedding
Monogram at wedding reception at McKinney Cotton Mill
McKinney wedding lighting monogram - photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography