Wedding Ceremonies

Professional sound & music for your Dallas wedding ceremony

O ver the last 5-10 years, it is becoming more common for ceremonies and receptions to take place at the same venue. As a result, we handle the sound and/or music for quite a few wedding ceremonies. Our first priority is making it sound great. Our second priority is keeping our gear out of your pictures. The photos on this page are all from ceremonies we've provide sound and/or music for. You'll be hard pressed to find any of our equipment (even the small lav mics!) in the pictures, but we constantly hear from our clients that the ceremony sounded great. After many years, Jim has found ways to make it sound great without having equipment all over the place at your ceremony.

The primary service we offer for ceremonies is a sound system and microphones. We provide a wireless lavalier (very small clip on microphone) for your officiant. We also recommend putting a lavalier on the groom, which is included in our package. We use a professional mixing board so we can control the levels from each microphone to make it sound great. In addition, if you need a separate handheld wireless microphone for a reader, we can provide that too.

If you would like, we can also handle playing music for your ceremony. We have a special ceremony form on our website where you let us know what songs you'd like for prelude, special seating music (if any) and all the other special processional and recessional songs. We'll prepare them in advance (along with several back-up copies!) and will play them at the ceremony. However, if you choose another type of music (such as strings or a guitar player), we can still handle the microphones to ensure your guests can hear.

Wedding Ceremonies Gallery

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